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Netgate Installer

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The Netgate Installer is available for:

  • Netgate AMD64 appliances with Serial Console (Netgate 1537, 1541, 4100, 4200, 5100, 6100, 7100, 8200, All Other Intel/AMD 64-bit)
  • AMD64 ISO IPMI/Virtual Machines
  • Netgate AArch64 (ARM64) appliances (Netgate 1100 and 2100)
  • Non-Netgate AMD64 appliances

If you are a new pfSense user, we strongly recommend reading our guide on how to purchase and get started with pfSense Plus software. With the new Netgate Installer, you can now install pfSense Plus directly. You can find the guide


Netgate Installer

Introducing the Netgate Installer – a streamlined solution for installing pfSense software on Netgate hardware and other eligible AMD64-based systems. This innovative tool simplifies the installation process by fetching the latest pfSense software packages directly over the Internet, offering users the ability to choose between multiple versions without the need to package them into a large, single disk image. 

Key Features:

  • Versatile Installation Options: Supports AMD64 Memstick (Serial and VGA) for USB media installation, AMD64 ISO image for IPMI or optical drive installations, and AARCH64 Memstick for 64-bit ARM devices like the Netgate 1100 and Netgate 2100.
  • Up-to-Date Software: Automatically receives the most up-to-date components directly from Netgate servers, guaranteeing the latest features and security updates.
  • Flexible Network Configuration: Compatible with both DHCP and static IP address configurations for seamless Internet connectivity.
  • Comprehensive Installation Process: From selecting terminal types to configuring file systems and partition settings, the installer provides a detailed walkthrough, including ZFS and UFS file system options, to cater to various user preferences and requirements.
  • Configuration Recovery: Easily recover and utilize existing configurations for your new installation.
  • Direct Installation Compatibility: Supports the installation of pfSense Plus directly on non-Netgate devices. For installation instructions, please reference the guide here.

Verify Your Download: Ensure the integrity and security of your Netgate Installer download by using the provided checksums. Visit our pfSense Plus Installer Checksums page to find the SHA256 checksums. Comparing these checksums with those of your downloaded files confirms that your installation media has not been tampered with and is safe to use.

Note: Comprehensive documentation on the Netgate Installer can be found here