The New 8300, Netgate’s First 100G Router Appliance, and 25G Firewall.

Re-Ordering Information

Follow the instructions below when re-ordering one of your previous purchases.

  1. Visit your Netgate store account page
  2. Select the specific order from your ‘Order History’ by clicking the link under the ‘Order’ column
  3. Click the blue button that reads “RE-ORDER” (Note: Some items in your order may be unable to re-order*)
  4. You are now in your cart with the valid re-order products configured in your cart. You can now proceed to checkout or make any necessary changes to this order draft.
  5. If you would like to make any changes or additions to your cart you can remove items from the cart with the ‘x’ button beside each item or you can use the store navigation to find more products to add.
  6. Once your cart contains all that you want you can then proceed to checkout by clicking the blue “Checkout” button.
  7. Then proceed through the instructed checkout process to complete your order


*Note: Some items listed within your order may not eligible for re-ordering. An example invalid product is unbundled TAC Pro or Enterprise support. These products require a unique NDI to be provided to add them to the cart so if your are attempting to re-order unbundled TAC Support you will need to manually add the support subscription