The New 8300, Netgate’s First 100G Router Appliance, and 25G Firewall.

Netgate 8300 BASE pfSense+ Security Gateway

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Experience unparalleled value and performance with the Netgate® 8300 Security Gateway powered by pfSense® Plus software. The Netgate 8300 is tailored for medium to large business, xSP, MSP/MSSP with high connectivity and stability requirements. This unit is enterprise-ready, featuring Netgate's most expandable chassis and hot-swappable PSUs, ensuring mission critical reliability and ease of maintenance.

This security gateway boasts a formidable 2.0 GHz, 8-core, 16-thread Intel® Xeon® D-1733NT processor with Intel AVX-512 for exceptional Firewall and VPN performance. The Netgate 8300 harnesses the power of Intel AVX-512 to accelerate VPN operations, bolstering throughput and reducing overhead while optimizing core firewall functions for enhanced network security and performance. With quad 10G SFP+ ports, quad 1G SFP ports, and triple 2.5G RJ-45 ports, plus expandability to 25G and 100G ports via PCIe cards, the Netgate 8300 future-proofs your network infrastructure, scaling effortlessly with your business. 

The Netgate 8300 maximizes your investment by delivering high-performance throughput at an incredibly competitive cost per gigabit. Compared to the 1541, it boasts a remarkable 47% firewall performance gain, 100% improvement in VPN and routing throughput, and a 175% increase in port density.

This compact 1U chassis optimizes space efficiency in server rooms and data centers, ideal for mission-critical deployments requiring robust high availability options and hotswap dual-power capability. Redefine your network standards by offering superior scalability, performance, and cost efficiency that exceeds industry expectations with Netgate's 8300 Security Gateway.


Hardware Comparison Chart

L3 Forwarding

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 36.7 Gbps

(10k ACLs)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 26.8 Gbps

(AES-GCM-128 w/AES-NI)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 14.6 Gbps

Netgate 8300 performance tests conducted with pfSense Plus software version 24.03

The Netgate 8300 is also available with TNSR software. TNSR is a high-performance software router capable of producing considerable VPN and Routing performance increases far beyond the limits of pfSense Plus software.


CPU: Eight Core 2.0 GHz Intel Xeon CPU. Delivers 36 Gbps routing for everyday iPerf3-bidirectional traffic and over 26 Gbps of firewall throughput

Network Ports: 11 Independent 1G, 2.5G, and 10G ports. Maximum port flexibility - with 1G, 2.5G, and 10G Ethernet configurable as WAN or LAN across the combination of 11 RJ45 and SFP ports

Expandability: 1 x PCIe 3.0 x8 port for half-length low profile cards and 1 xPCIe 4.0 x16 port for full-height three-quarters length cards

Storage: 512 GB NVMe 2280 M-Key M.2 SSD

Memory: 16 GB DDR4, ECC, 2400MHz via 2x 8 GB (expandable to 32 GB via 2x 16 GB UDIMM)

Power: Dual hot-swappable PSU bays. 1 x Internal 500W PSU (hot-swappable) included, 110V/240V AC input

Cooling: Active - 7x chassis fans at the rear of the enclosure


pfSense Plus software provides the performance, flexibility, reliability, and business assurance expected from leading secure networking applications:

  • Exceptional performance
  • Flexible 3rd-party application options
  • Traditional management mechanisms
  • Proven reliability
  • Complete business assurance support

All at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives, pfSense Plus software is the perfect answer. Popular pfSense Plus use cases include firewall, VPN, routing, load balancing, traffic shaping, captive portal, DNS/DHCP Server, IDS/IPS, failover WAN, and more.



Intel Xeon D-1733NT, 8-core @ 2.0 GHz (Ice Lake Family)

CPU Cores


Physical Network I/O ports

(4) 10GbE SFP+ cage ports
(4) 1GbE SFP cage ports
(3) 2.5GbE RJ-45 "direct" (unswitched) Intel i226 ethernet ports


512 GB NVMe 2280 M-Key M.2 SSD


16 GB DDR4, ECC, 2400MHz via 2x 8 GB 1G x 72-Bit UDIMM
(expandable to 32 GB via 2x 16 GB UDIMM)

Physical Expansion Card Slots

2x m.2 M-Key slots for NVMe SSD storage via custom vertical PCIe riser card

1x PCIe 3.0 x8 slot
Supports half-length low profile cards and “up-plugging” of x16 cards 
(limited to x8 speeds)

1x PCIe 4.0 x16 slot
Supports full-height three-quarter-length cards

Console Port

1x RJ45 auto-detect console port 
Cisco pinout USB-A to RJ45 console cable included 

Management Port

1x IPMI management port via dedicated RJ45

USB Ports

2 x USB 3.2 jacks (USB-A female)

RTC (battery)

CR2032 (20mm) lithium coin cell onboard, 3VDC


3x RGB LEDs – software/firmware controllable via Aspeed AST2620 BMC

Power Buttons / Switches

1x illuminated push button (front) - software controlled

1x mechanical toggle switch (rear)


Sheet steel enclosure, powder-coated finish
16.92 x 13 x 1.72 inches*
430 x 330 x 43.8 mm
13.33 lbs. / 6.05 kg.

*excluding rack ears, handles, and hot-swap PSU protrusions


1U rackmount - chassis is compatible with industry standard sliding rails


Active - internal chassis cooling fans at the rear of the enclosure

*airflow direction is front-to-back


Dual power hot-swappable PSU bays.

1 x Internal 500W PSU 100V/240V AC input (hot-swappable) included
AC Inlet: IEC320-C16 (3 pin) 

1 x  NEMA 5-15P to IEC320-C15 US power cord included


Ambient temperature range of 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F)

Certifications CE, CB, FCC (Class A), ISED (Class A), RoHS, UL, ACMA, UKCA



  • pfSense+ software updates and security patches are provided free of charge for the life of the product
  • No artificial limits or add-ons are needed for full functionality
  • Enjoy unlimited users, firewall rules, IPsec tunnels, dual WAN, and more without additional usage or feature-based pricing
  • Low power requirements to save money
  • Designed for an extended deployment lifetime


  • Get all the security features you need to protect your business
  • Flexible configuration and support for multi-WAN, High Availability, VPN, load balancing, reporting and monitoring, etc
  • Add optional packages such as Snort or Suricata for IDS/IPS and network security monitoring. 1    


  • Intuitive web-based GUI includes :  
    • Configure advanced routing, firewall rules, VPNs, multi-WAN, and traffic shaping
    • Dashboard with real-time traffic graphs
    • Detailed diagnostics and reporting tools


  • Highly flexible, suitable for remote access and site-to-site connections, supporting a wide range of VPN types, including IPsec, OpenVPN, and WireGuard,
  • Simplified multi-vendor supported VPN creation and management
  • Secure connectivity for mobile and remote workers to the cloud
  • Use the Amazon VPC Wizard to easily set up VPN connections with your Amazon EC2 cloud.

Best For:

  • Medium-to-large sized organizations and businesses
  • Enterprise
  • Co-location, high availability use cases
  • Service Providers and Managed Service Providers

Software Features


  • Policy-based routing
  • Multiple IP addresses per interface
  • Multiple WAN connections (with load balancing and failover)
  • Complex NAT mapping (outbound and inbound)
  • Concurrent IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Optional multi-node High Availability (HA) clustering
  • Dynamic routing protocol support [w/pkg]

Firewall, Attack Prevention, & Content Filtering:

  • Extensive firewall rules
  • Stateful filtering & packet inspection
  • Per-interface configuration
  • Ethernet (layer 2) rule-based packet filtering
  • IP/DNS-based filtering and blacklisting [w/pkg]
  • IDS/IPS with Snort-based packet analyzer [w/pkg]
  • Layer 7 application detection and blocking [w/pkg]
  • Reverse proxy [w/pkg]
  • Geo/country blocking, IP block lists [w/pkg]


  • Site-to-site and remote access VPNs
  • IPsec, OpenVPN, WireGuard®
  • Split tunneling
  • IPsec policy-based and route-based protocol support
  • OpenVPN Data Channel Offload (DCO)
  • Intel IPsec Multi-Buffer (IIMB)
  • Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT)

User Authentication & System Security:

  • User and group-based privileges
  • LDAP authentication
  • Automatic lockout after repeated attempts
  • Optional key-based SSH access
  • Traffic and bandwidth shaping
  • Captive portal with user data transfer quotas
  • External RADIUS authentication [w/pkg]


  • Setup wizard for initial configuration
  • Encrypted automatic backup to Netgate server
  • Easy configuration backup/restore
  • Multi-language support

Monitoring & Reporting:

  • Customizable dashboard with widgets
  • Local monitoring graphs
  • Remote logging
  • Network usage monitoring [w/pkg]
  • Network diagnostics [w/pkg]

Learn more about the power of pfSense Plus software here.


  • Quick Start Guide and other Manuals
  • Ships with the latest version of pfSense Plus software
  • Not PoE Compatible
  • Ships with a USA power cord. Easily changed to non-US style by purchasing a IEC320-C15 (3 PIN) compatible power cord (visual example).

Your purchase includes many free services and free technical support, which will help you get started with pfSense Plus software:


  • Technical assistance is available from Netgate Global Support 24x7x365. 
  • TAC Lite is included with the purchase of your Netgate appliance.
  • TAC Pro and TAC Enterprise SLA descriptions and pricing are available here
  • Help is available on our community forum here.


  • One-year manufacturer's hardware warranty information is here.
  • Extended warranties for US customers are available from Extend. More information on their offer and warranty policy can be viewed here.
  • Standard 30 day return policy. Netgate does not sell seconds or returns. An open-box fee may apply.
  • All specifications subject to change without notice


  • Mounting hardware specific to your racking system. Due to the wide variety of rack mount fasteners, cage nuts, rack screws, and similar mounting hardware are not included. Please select fasteners that are suitable for your rack installation. Consult a qualified tradesperson if you are unsure.


  • Take a photo of the label on the bottom of your Netgate 8300 before installation. It is always a good idea to make a note of serial numbers and additional information from the label on the bottom of your system before installing in a server rack. The labeling may be difficult to read while the system is mounted in the rack. Please take a picture of the information or write it down for future reference.

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