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Netgate 4100/6100 1U Rack Mount Kit

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The 1U Rack Mount kit enables simple, safe, and fast installation of the Netgate 4100 or Netgate 6100 Security Gateway Appliance into a standard 19" server rack.

The Netgate 4100/6100 family of appliances are passively cooled to ensure silent operation when used in a desktop or rack mount configuration. This is a purpose-built rack mount system designed and manufactured specifically to:

  • Fit entirely within the 1U height envelope.
  • Allow for other devices to be mounted directly above or below the Netgate system.
  • Maximize critical airflow through the 4100/6100’s integrated chassis heatsink. 
  • Move access to the USB jacks from the side of the unit to the front faceplate, utilizing custom molded USB 3.0 cable to provide convenient remote access to the Netgate 4100/6100 USB ports.
  • Protect and conceal the USB cables and power supply with a removable faceplate, which prevents accidental disconnection while still allowing easy access.
  • Provide an attractive, lightweight, yet sturdy durable Type II anodized aluminum mounting system with laser engraved logo.
  • Securely install the Netgate 4100/6100 to the purpose built chassis with stainless steel screws via the 4 built-in mounting points.


  • Anodized 5052 Aluminum rack mount bracket with detachable front faceplate 
  • Panel mount USB 3.0 extension cable with hardware
  • 4x main chassis screws
  • 1x front faceplate screw
  • 4x cable ties (2 large, 2 small) 



  • Netgate 4100 or Netgate 6100
  • Mounting hardware specific to your racking system.

    Due to the wide variety of rack mount fasteners, cage nuts, rack screws, and similar mounting hardware are not included in this kit.   Please select fasteners that are suitable for your rack installation.  Consult a qualified tradesperson if you are unsure.



  • Installation Guide
  • Netgate 4100/6100 systems are passively cooled and use the lower case as a heatsink. Please be aware it may feel warm when in use.
  • Netgate 4100/6100 systems may be rack mounted with other devices directly above or below the Netgate system.  Heat sources placed immediately below or in direct contact with the underside (chassis) of the 4100/6100 system should measure less than 40C / 104F surface temperature.  
  • Netgate 4100/6100 systems have been tested in the same ambient temperature limits as the desktop when rack mounted in this design.
  • Mount dimensions without appliance installed: 
    19 x 9.5 x 1.75 inches
    482.6 x 242.3 x 44.45 mm
  • Mount dimensions with appliance installed:
    19 x 10 x 1.75 inches
    482.6 x 254 x 44.45 mm


    • Made in the USA.
    • Technical assistance is available from Netgate Global Support 24x7x365.
    • Help is available on our community forum here.
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty information is here.
    • Standard 30 day return policy. Netgate does not sell seconds or returns. An open box fee may apply.
    • All specifications subject to change without notice.
    • Questions? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at



    • Take a photo of the label on the bottom of your Netgate 4100/6100 before installation.

      It is always a good idea to make a note of serial numbers and additional information from the label on the bottom of your system before installing in a server rack.  The labeling may be difficult to read while the system is mounted in the rack.  Please take a picture of the information or write it down for future reference. 

    We also offer a Wall Mount kit for the Netgate 4100 / 6100 here.

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      Very Happy
      Top notch, amazing.

      Thank you very much - perfect! Wouldn’t change a thing.


      The equipment is excellent. I just dislike that use this Shop app. It’s garbage and I feel like Shop’s priority is up selling other products. Sadly I buy a lot of Netgate stuff and Shop annoys me each time. I’m close to just buying Netgate equipment from Amazon.

      Akash Patel
      Works great, Racks well!

      Works great, Racks well.. I like the usb ports in the front. I wish it was interchangable where i could have the ports in the back but you cannot do that. oh well. still works great!

      David C Navas
      Pretty excited about this -- sturdy mount.

      I've been hoping for this for awhile, and the lack of it was honestly the reason I held off buying the 6100 in the first place (might have been able to get it before it went unavailable in Q1). You will probably want this (or the wall mount?) so that you have proper screws (it's a pretty long way into the box), even if you decide to do it yourself. It looks pretty smart in the rack and is definitely a nice sturdy mount -- there won't be any plastic droop here! Blue might seem an odd choice, but I think it looks nice (though I'm glad I went with the dark wood rack, and not the lighter shades). I'll probably keep the modem between the gateway and the "TOR" switch for heat management purposes.

      Downsides -- no fan (well, no room) and there aren't any light tubes for the "front" lights. I wasn't expecting them, and if you've looked at the pics, neither should you. Status lights are more important for the modem than the firewall anyway. Oh, and make sure you have a torx/star driver.


      Metal blue finish had some imperfections which is a little disappointing for the price. Other than that it was a quick effective solution to mount my netgate 6100