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Our mission is to minimize disruption to your business and increase the value of your investment with the appropriate level of customer support from the company behind pfSense software. Pick a support plan that fits your business requirements and let us handle the rest.
For details on each support plan, please click here, or download this PDF for a complete feature list and cost.
Purchasing the TAC ENTERPRISE 24x7x365 support subscription from Netgate is fast and easy. Follow these simple steps:
  • The Netgate Device ID is located on the pfSense software dashboard. Copy and paste it into the Netgate Device ID field above.
  • Select the term of 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • Click the "+ Add to Cart" button above.
  • If additional subscriptions are needed, click the “Keep Shopping” button.
For volume discounts of 11 or more, or if you have additional questions, email us at sales@netgate.com or call us at +1 512 646 4100.
  • Only pfSense 2.3.4 and later are eligible for this level of support.
  • Support is sold on a per-install basis. Only installs with a valid support subscription will be covered.